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My Biography and Philosophy

Welcome to Troy Johnson Fitness!!!

I have been a Fitness Professional since 2006.  I enjoy helping individuals from all walks of life achieve their health and fitness goals and have invested over 11,000 hours in sessions with clients.  I chose to become a Fitness Professional in order to serve others with my gifts, talents and knowledge; as well as to educate men and women of all ages, about health and fitness, no matter what level they start with or background they come from.

I graduated from Colorado Christian University (CCU) with a Bachelor degree in Exercise and Sport Science.  I hold 3 nationally recognized and accredited certifications.  I've always enjoyed sports and fitness, playing 5 sports in high school (baseball, basketball, soccer, track, and football), achieving 10 varsity letters in four of them.  I also played basketball and soccer at the Division II level in college at Seattle Pacific University (SPU) and CCU.  I was among the nation's top 15 leaders in assists for basketball.  In soccer I was selected for the RMAC (Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference) All Conference Team.  Out of college I began my career at 24 Hour Fitness and worked my way up the personal training corporate ladder to the "Master Trainer" level, servicing over 2,000 sessions.

In 2009 I decided to pursue my own practice to apply my philosophies and ideals toward my clients, and they are having tremendous success.  Running my own business has given me the freedom to accomplish more than I could ever do in a corporate setting.  Due to the staggering number of clients a trainer can see at a corporate gym, investing into a client's life in a positive and caring way is something of a lost art today.

Some fun facts about me include:  I was born in Eugene, Ore. (GO DUCKS!!!), but grew up in Colorado Springs, attending Doherty High School.  I have one brother who is two years younger than me.  The sports I enjoy playing are
soccer, basketball, golf, and ping pong.  My hobbies include playing poker (Texas Hold’em), Hiking 14ers, watching a good movie, and being with friends and family.

Nationally Registered EMT
CPR and First Aid Certified

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
NASM (Sports Performance Specialist)
ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association)

I train a wide variety of clients consisting of elite athletes of all ages who have competitive sport ambitions, to those who struggle with weight management or basic motor function.  I believe there is no favorite or generic approach to training someone; I tailor all of my programs specifically for my client’s wants and needs.  My only criteria for a client is that they are motivated enough to do their best and apply my direction.  My training style is to use your own body for your benefit.  Machines definitely serve a purpose for a time, but being able to control and move your body effectively is what will empower you more than anything. 

I am committed to having clients understand the basics of nutrition and how food affects the body. It takes fitness combined with good nutrition to give anyone the ability to make the necessary changes to achieve their goals.  My overall belief about nutrition is that carefully transitioned lifestyle changes are often essential to meet a client’s goals.  It is also my goal to have my clients understand the basic principles of cardiovascular training and what to do for specific results for a lifetime.  The general perception about cardio is incomplete amongst most people; but science-based recommendations will absolutely have beneficial results on the body, inside and out. 

And what about supplements?  Supplementation can be a slippery slope with people.  In order to simplify my view, I will say that when there is a gap for additional nutrients or energy, the correct supplement can fill that need; however, I believe it is always the goal to have natural foods meet the needs your body most craves. 

My desire for all clients is to increase their knowledge, health and fitness, noticeably more from when they started.  My approach will be tailor-made to every client in order to build confidence and trust, so we can accomplish your goals together.  I believe the human spirit is disciplined and motivated enough to accomplish most anything you put your mind to.  With obesity rates increasing year after year, I hope you, as a potential client, will not rely too heavily on the Healthcare system to keep you healthy.  When we integrate working out, nutrition/supplementation, cardiovascular training, knowledge and accountability, people achieve their fitness goals.  Changing the body for the better is more easily accomplished when you have the right attitude . . . and coach.  

Currently Welcoming New Clients!

Please join me in running the race of health in your life today. Strengthening Body and Mind for Over a Decade.  
No Membership Fees Required.

Troy Johnson

Universal Health Center
8200 E. Park Meadows Dr. Suite 8230
Lone Tree, CO 80124

Meadow Creek Tennis & Fitness Club
6305 W. 6th Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80214

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